So blessed this week to have spoken for the Minnesota Home Care, Minnesota Living Age, Montana Healthcare Financial Management Association, and the South Carolina Healthcare Financial Management Association. The travel and making the time to train was an adventure but was able to get some great runs in the beautiful states of Minnesota and Montana. And thankfully no major flight delays. One night this meant getting my training done at 11:30 pm on a treadmill while speaking the next morning. Part of me after a long day of travel just wanted to turn on the TV and veg out, however the fact that set this major victory of my seventh marathon on my seventh continent and made the choice to elevate my attitude and take action! Reminded of one of my favorite quotes on success: “Successful people do the things today others won’t do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have.” Each step on the treadmill I visualized my victory of being in Antarctic and knew that if I don’t do my training now I won’t be crossing the finish line in Jan!

Below is a picture of me after my long day of 6 miles. It was rainy and windy which was good training for Antarctic.