The above picture is ad placed by Ernest Shackleton for an expedition to Antarctic.  Sometimes I wonder what makes people dare to do great things. To go beyond the ordinary and live a life that is extraordinary. I believe that each of us were went to live a life that is extraordinary. That each of us has our own Antarctic to conqueror, our own marathon to run. That could the be the extraordinary adventure of raising a child, being the the very best in your profession, or overcoming an addiction. I believe the greatest way to be extraordinary is serve others. This can be as simple but as powerful as a smile, kind word, or a hand written note.

Update on my training, gradually increasing my mileage and did seven miles for my long run last week and for this week did nine. As the miles get longer and the temperature gets colder I am questioning my sanity in doing a marathon on Antarctic. Here is a quote from Shackleton to inspire you and me in this extraordinary adventure called life, “Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”