Just finished my first long of five miles, later in my training, this will become the distance for one of my short runs during the week. My basic training consists of three short runs during the week (T, W, Thur), and a long run on either Sat. or Sun.

As I was doing my training today thought back eleven years ago lying in my hospital bed, never in a million years ever would have thought that I would be running a marathon let alone my seventh one on my seventh continent in Antarctica. And the thing is I’m not a runner. This is why I do a walk/run combo. My goal is just to complete the race and get a medal for completing the race. I realize that I will probably never win a race and that’s okay because and here is a very valuable lesson it’s not about the fastest, strongest, or being first. It’s about being the very best you that you can be. And the great news you are already doing that. You are perfectly you! In the race of life, it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing what matters is you running your race. At the end of the day, all you can be is you and that is the greatest marathon anyone can run. And you are you just by being you.