This is a photo from Yuma, AZ was I spoke last week for an SHRM (Society Human Resource Managers) chapter and had the privilege of doing my nine-mile training. This week speaking in Las Cruces, New Mexico and did a ten miler there. Looking forward to doing a half-marathon on Thanksgiving. As I was reflecting while doing my training today I thought how in life you don’t need to the be the fastest, strongest, or the smartest but you do have to have the tenacity to persevere in order to achieve your victory. Second thing is that you have to enjoy the moment. It is so easy in life at times to be preoccupied with a future event that you end up missing the only thing you have and that is right now. This has been a big lesson for me in my training. One of the things I try to do is stay in the moment and enjoy each mile of my training. It is easy to let me mind wonder upon completing my mileage for the day. As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States I encourage you to focus on the great things in your life to be thankful for. We are truly blessed in so many ways and things.

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